We Are
On The

Behind the scenes we are hard at work to get all our planned services up and running. To check the services that are on the way you can take a look below.
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The Roadmap

Company creation

Planning with pinns in a board and laying paths with yarn
  • Lite-Paper online.
  • Alpha version website(www.smartlabel.media).
  • Official business registration.
  • Registration at the Authority for the Financial Markets Netherlands.
  • WhitePaper online.
  • Beta version website online (www.smartlabel.w3b).
  • First live AMA event It’s a company!
  • Investor appointment scheduling tool online.
office mannager sticking a post-it on a scrum board
  • Business shower event / official logo reveal.
  • Media accounts online.
  • Kick off online marketing campaigns.
  • Get the word out! Interviews, podcast guests and ask me anything.
  • Letter of intents and joint ventures(Audius/Rock/Spotify).

Brand Awareness

First use-case available

playing around with music on a tablet
  • Blockchain-based-copyright-registration-service online.
  • NFT support service online.
  • DSP distribution support service online.
  • Traditional contract development tool online.
  • Collaboration with third party blockchain based services.
  • Onboarding industry experts to the SmartLabel family.
checking up on an NFT with a mobile phone
  • Artist verification tool online.
  • Music-Rights-NFT available.
  • Licensing-NFT available.
  • BSP-Royalty-NFT available.

Roll out new services

European promotion tour

pinning a flag in a country on the world map
  • DSP-Royalty-NFT available.
  • Blockchain streaming services -NFT available.
  • Traditional streaming services -NFT available.
  • NFT creation services.
Programmer working on blockchain technology
  • Release tokenomics.
  • Promote our pre-sale event.
  • Whitelist challenges.
  • Airdrop events.
  • Getting listed on exchanges.

$mart Utility

It's Alive

Porogrammer coding on multiple screens
  • SmartLabel Dashboard Online.
  • All Beta Features Online.
  • On-boarding High Profilers.
  • Develop White-label Features.
  • Testing SmartLabel Application.
checking up on your NFT with a mobile phone
  • Public Token Sale.
  • Smart Label Application.
  • Worldwide Marketing Campaign.

Conquering the world

What's next?

Assuming the company was successful in its mission, the next step would be to maintain and build upon the success. This could involve diversifying the company's offerings and services to continue to meet the changing needs of the world. Additionally, it could involve expanding it's presence across the globe, investing in social and environmental initiatives, and building strong partnerships with other companies and governments.– Wise words from GPT-3.5